#TMCardiff – Handing over the curriculum, or, How I stopped worrying and learned to love the chaos

My second presentation to the recent Cardiff Teachmeet was supposed to accompanied by the slides below, but for whatever reason the filter wouldn’t let Google Docs through, so I scribbled down what I could remember and just talked about some of the stuff that I’d been doing and why I thought it was important.

In hindsight it may have been a little more preachy and less practical than I hoped, but it seemed to go down ok.

I’ve embedded the version I delivered below – you’ll need to scroll to about 3 minutes in.

Watch live streaming video from ngflcymrugcad at livestream.com

The slide deck that should have accompanied this talk is below. I make a couple of references to a couple of the diagrams as I go through.

Dave Stacey

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