Where for art thou blogging?

This term has been nuts. Not other expression for it. With a review of marking policy at school the pressure to keep up to date with everything has meant most other things have been forced off the agenda. Blogging, Tweeting, keeping up with #addcym, it’s all been an enforced hiatus while any free time has been family time.

It’s also had an impact on some of the reboot plans I had, some have come to fruition, others have been adapted or put on hold. I’ll try and put a summary together in the next few days and post it to share my progress (or lack of it!)

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m an occasional blogger. I’ve tried too many times and too many ways to get regular posts out, and I’m now beyond letting it stress me out. Over the next few days and weeks as things (hopefully) start to calm down I’ll be going back to the ideas for posts I’ve been developing in a Google Doc, ditching some and finishing others.

I still hold that blogging is one of the best forms of reflection there is – the reflection side of the ideas that I get from reading other peoples blogs and tweets. And if it happens in bursts every few months, well it’s better than not at all!

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