Gin and Tonic?

Actually, the G&T jokes have come to an end in Wales. The term ‘Gifted and Talented’ has been replaced with the term ‘More Able and Talented’ in the new documentation from the Assembly Government.

Since the TRL shake up came in in September, as well as coordinating the SMART programme, I also have responsibility for ‘Key Skills Accredition’ and ‘More Able and Talented Pupils’.

I’ve started doing some reading around on the topic of MAT, and started bookmarking things on my delicious account, with the tag ‘mat’. Over the next few months I’ll be carrying out an audit of the school provision and looking to come up with a new school policy by the end of the year.

I’m sharing in case they are of use to anyone else, but I’m also curious to find out if there’s anything you think I should be reading that I haven’t got on the list yet. Let me know in the comments if there is.

Image Credit: Gin and Tonic by Strebkr

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