What? No blogging?

So it’s been a while.

(Happy New Year, by the way)

There are a myriad of reasons (excuses?) that I haven’t done much blogging in the last twelve months,

  • E-learning coordinator role is taking up more time at school
  • I don’t think I can remember a busier year at school
  • My kids are growing up and I am determined I’m not going to miss it
  • As the debate has heated up in education blogs (and on Twitter) I haven’t always been clear of my view, so I’ve been waiting until I’ve had something to say. Twice I’ve written what I thought were killer blog posts, then reread them in the morning and saw a glaring hole in my thinking staring me in the face
  • As the quality of education blogs has improved I’ve been less willing just to post ‘whatever’ to the blog. I’m going to need to get over this, or I doubt I’ll ever post again!

Over the next couple of months I’m going to try and…

  • sort out both the resources section of the blog (which is currently not working after sugar-sync went to a pay model)
  • update the presentations section to include the other talks I’ve given over the last couple of years that haven’t made it to here
  • blog about some tools and resources that have made an impact in some of my lessons
  • try and join in with some of the current debates around education that are going on in education blogs, while continue to ignore others that just seem to a little too oppositional and personal for my preference.

The history of this blog has always been rather stop-start. Let’s see if this latest start can be a little longer lasting than some of the previous ones!

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