Adobe Voice / Office Mix – a couple of new tools

Finally got my RSS reader down to zero, and noticed a couple of new products that are firmly on my ‘must investigate’ list.

The first is Adobe Voice, which I saw on Twitters as described as being like Photostory – add some images, record a voice over and voila – a video. Potentially very useful both as a tool for student projects and for teachers keen to create quick and easy resources for students to access online. It’s currently iOS only, but one I’ll be having a play with over half term.

The other is Microsoft Office Mix – A PC plug in for Office 2013 that allows you to create screencasts of your ppt slideshows, but also embed various quizzing and feedback tools, apparently in a similar way to tools such as Nearpod. Kristian Still has had a go at creating a screencast here. Looks like a tool with lots of potential. The only issue in the short term will be the number of schools who actually have Office 13 at their disposal!

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