New phone. Time to review some apps!

Blogging  this directly from  my  new  phone with the WordPress App. While I’ve always loved macs, I tend to prefer Android  to iOS and I’ve gone for a LG this time.
Any new phone is a time to review some apps and widgets. So far I’m really pleased with the SwiftKey keyboard,  especially the built in additional languages,  including  Welsh.
I’ve installed Firefox as well as Chrome as it’s increasing  becoming  my browser of choice on the Mac. 
I’m looking forward to catching  more from Google + with their widget and maybe being able to keep on top of my feedly account with theirs.
Pushbullet looks interesting,  although  I’m waiting to get my repaired Mac book back before I give it a whirl.
I think I’m going to need a better way to collect items of interest I found from various places on the Web.  I might give pocket a go, but recommendations are welcome.
I’m also looking for a twitter client with a better widget.  The built in one seemed to be permanently full of ads.  Trying Hootsuite again for now,  but again I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Besides that Google Drive,  Evernote,  instagram,  Dropbox and the Kindle  app are ready to go.  I’ve downloaded  the Flickr app and may start trying to make better use of that service.  I also just downloaded ‘Prey’ as a security system.

What else would be on your list of must have apps?

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