5 quick lo / hi tech ideas for extending pedagogy – #TMHistoryIcons

I’ve come up to Chester to the first #TMHistoryIcons today, another variation on the Teachmeet theme.

My presentation is on 5 quick low and high tech ideas for extending pedagogy here. I’ll embed the slides below, and the relevant links under that.


Have a look at Ian Dawson’s excellent Thinking History site for loads of active learning ideas with (and without tabbards). You can also follow Ian on Twitter @bearwithoneear

Online Quizzes

There are loads out there but I mentioned Socrative, Kahoot and (for teachers in Wales) Hwb Playlists.

It’s worth giving some thought to how to make really effective use of multiple choice questions, and also read up on the idea of Hinge Questions too. Try here, here or here for stuff on Hinge Questions.

Post its and Hexagons and Tables Oh My!

A couple of good hexagon generators can be found on Pam Hook’s site and also on Classtools.net.

Ewan McIntosh writes about using Hexagons in the NoTosh Lab

John Mitchell shares a number of his visual hexagons on his blog

Get an online space.

There are so many options, including Twitter, Wix, WordPress, Padlet and many more. Give some thought to if you want a one-way ‘publishing’ platform or if you’re looking for interaction with users. If you’re creating videos from your Powerpoints with tools like Office Mix and Explain Everything you could consider creating your own YouTube channel as well.


This tool is a great mix of high and lo- tech. Pupils get print-outs to vote / respond with and you use your device to scan the room.

Bonus Plugs!

Teachmeet is 10, and Ewan is collecting reflections on the impact Teachmeets have had on you. Please add yours to bit.ly/teachmeet10.

The School History Project Conference is coming up in July. If you’ve enjoyed today either in person or online and you can make it to Leeds you’d be very welcome. You don’t have to deliver the SHP GCSE to attend or benefit.

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