Teachmeets have been a part of the ‘fringe’ of the Schools History Project (SHP) Conference for several years now, but this year I decided to try something a little different. Inspired in part by Ewan McIntosh’s account of the early Teachmeets and the rules that had been lost along the way (including the ‘No Powerpoint’ […]

5 quick lo / hi tech ideas for extending pedagogy – #TMHistoryIcons

I’ve come up to Chester to the first #TMHistoryIcons today, another variation on the Teachmeet theme. My presentation is on 5 quick low and high tech ideas for extending pedagogy here. I’ll embed the slides below, and the relevant links under that. Flipcharts! Have a look at Ian Dawson’s excellent Thinking History site for loads […]

The best staff room in the world – #TMSwansea2015

Image credit: “staff room communication” from Gary Stager by Robin Hutton. CC Licensed via Flickr You can find this post again at http://is.gd/tmswands   I’m off to do 2 minutes at a Swansea Teachmeet tonight about using Twitter and blogs as a global extended staffroom, so I thought I’d pull everything together here as a […]

Teachmeet Bett presentation

I’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket for the TeachMeet at BETT on Friday, and I’ve put my name down for a 2 minutes presentation. As we’ve been asked to provide materials in case we don’t get selected, I’m reserving this space now so I can pass the link on to the organisers. If […]

Learning events in Wales in June

June looks really busy for some great learning events that are coming up. They’re all free to attend and many are variations on the Teachmeet format. If you’ve never been to one, Teachmeets are informal, for teachers, by teachers events where speakers sign up to speak for 7 or 2 minutes about something that’s worked […]

T&L lunchtimes

Talking to some colleagues at school recently we were reflecting how there were less opportunities than there had been in the past to get together with colleagues from across the school and share ideas around teaching and learning. So, rather than cursing the darkness, I lit a candle! Having spoken to the Assistant Head we […]

7 offline ideas in 7 minutes

I caught up with Ian Addison’s presentation for TeachMeet Midlands on 7 ideas in 7 minutes on Saturday morning, and later on was intrieged by Tom Barret’s ideas that he should follow it up with 7 offline ideas. I’ve been planning for this week’s ESTYN inspection all weekend, but couldn’t shake the idea and used […]

Teachmeet Cardiff

I was lucky enough to be able to go along to Thursday night’s Teachmeet in Cardiff, which showed again the versatility of the idea as applied to a twilight session. There were a few difference to the Teachmeets I’d done before. The random name generator had done it’s work ahead of the meeting, and instead […]