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From the ‘finally got round to it’ category comes this idea which has been on the cards since about this time last year in one form or another…

As part of my job as SMART coordinator I need to keep staff up to speed on some of the activities we’re doing with year 7 to help them make links in their lessons, and to suggest some ideas they can try in their classrooms. As part of my role on the schools ICT strategy group, it is the job of Nick and I to make sure staff are developing their effective use of ICT in and outside the classroom.

Enter two new blogs!

Running on our school’s WMPU I’m pleased to share the elearning and smarttips blogs with you. Each week a new elearning idea, and a new smart tip get emailed to all our teaching staff. At the same time they get posted to the blog, partly to encourage any discussion that might take place, and partly to form an archieve that people can then dip into when they need to.

If either of those things sound like they might be of interest to you then head on over and subscribe to the feeds. 🙂

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