The best staff room in the world – #TMSwansea2015

Image credit: “staff room communication” from Gary Stager by Robin Hutton. CC Licensed via Flickr You can find this post again at   I’m off to do 2 minutes at a Swansea Teachmeet tonight about using Twitter and blogs as a global extended staffroom, so I thought I’d pull everything together here as a […]

Ten things… #2 – Read blogs

Back in the old days (you know, before Twitter) I read blogs from teachers around the world to get ideas. I suspect this is the fault of Doug Belshaw who I ‘knew’ through the school teachers forum. He started blogging, I started reading. He blogged about other people, so I started reading their blogs […]

Blogs I read – updated

Earlier I saw this tweet from John Putt Educator blogs… via @delicious Looking to crowd source this & grow it somewhat. Please contribute. — John (@wjputt) April 3, 2012   I thought it was about time I provided an updated list of the the RSS feeds I subscribe to. I use Google Reader to […]

Mark all as read. Except…

As I mentioned the other day, I’d abandoned my feed reader to the marking mountain for a few weeks, so was forced to hit ‘mark all as read’ to real with the 1000+ posts waiting for me. But there’s a few blogs I did check before I nuked the rest, so I thought it might be worth […]

Weekly tips

From the ‘finally got round to it’ category comes this idea which has been on the cards since about this time last year in one form or another… As part of my job as SMART coordinator I need to keep staff up to speed on some of the activities we’re doing with year 7 to […]