When something is better than nothing

Having felt a bit sniffly over the weekend, I’m only just now emerging from a few days in a lurgy induced haze of lemsip and tissues. As is often the case after a dose of some bug or another it can take a few days to get back to any kind of normal working rhythm. In the past, my inability to just snap back to full working order was a source of frustration. These days, it seems easier to be grateful for the bits I can do, and know that the rest will still be there for me tomorrow.

So it is with these blog posts. While I’m a bit gutted that I slipped away from a post a day so soon, I think I spent what little energy I’ve had over the last couple of days in the right places, and I’m hopeful that with a fair wind behind me I can still make 28 posts over this month, it may just involve doubling up on a few days.

Day 7, post 4. I wonder if there’s some brand of cold and flu meds fancy sponsoring a couple of posts…

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