Another 28 days of writing

When I started my teaching career I quickly found huge benefit from being part of the online history teaching community that made up the forums at the website. The idea that I could not only ask questions of a range of excellent teachers in a variety of settings but also put up my own […]

Reflecting on #28daysofwriting

Image credit: Reflection by Astrid Westvang. CC Licensed on Flickr. In the last 28 days I have added 25 new posts to this blog (including this one). In most cases, each took 28 minutes to write, proof read, grab an image for an post. By comparison, you’d have to go back to Dec 2012 to […]

It’s good to … chat

Image Credit: Addcym Logo by Bev Evans A few years ago I was invited to join with a group of other teachers from Wales who were using Twitter to help set up #addcym – a weekly twitter chat for those with an interest in Welsh Education (‘addcym’ being short for Addysg Cymru – Learning Wales) […]

What questions can you ask if everyone can see the answers? #28daysofwriting

Image credit: Discussions. CC Licensed on Wikimedia Commons Cross posted on   One of the first tools we get teachers starting with on Hwb+ is the discussions tool. It allows teachers and students to start and contribute to discussions in their class site (in primary) or their subject / yr group site (in secondary). […]