16th Century Facebook

16th C FacebookI’m concious of a backlog of half finished posts, but here’s one I can put up quickly.

Emma sent round a link to this newsbiscuit story about Henry VIII lying on his match.com profile as a starter for our work on the Tudors which will be kicking off in half term. Never having been a member of said site I’m not sure what their pages look like, but the idea reminded me a couple of uses of facebook I’ve seen (and possibly blogged about) in the past, so I’ve just thrown together a empty facebook profile page in photoshop which can be dropped into the dtp / wordprocessing package of your choice and be used to get students to create facebook profiles of historical characters. Or countries. Or literary characters. Or in another language. Or one side of a quadratic equation.

Or maybe not.

Still, you get the idea.

Right-click and save as to grab a version. Email me if you want the psd file to change any of the parts. Note that for history purposed I’ve also blanked out the copyright date so students can add the date they’re writing from.

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