What can you do with a mobile phone?

Just curious as to what the position is on mobile devices in schools in the UK (and further afield). By mobile device I mean a phone, ipod or similar device which can be used for learning, although also has other purposes. If you get two seconds, please let me know your position below.

You can view the results as they come in here.

3 thoughts on “What can you do with a mobile phone?

  1. I think we may be missing a trick, here – we should embrace these and use them as much as possible in T&L, whilst simultaneously acknowledging the harm that can come from misuse.

    1. I completely agree Alex. What worries me is that although we’ve been saying this for several years, anecdotally it seems that more schools are going for a hard line ban. Hopefully I’ll be putting a post together about why that’s a bad move in the next few days.

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