Mark all as read. Except…

As I mentioned the other day, I’d abandoned my feed reader to the marking mountain for a few weeks, so was forced to hit ‘mark all as read’ to real with the 1000+ posts waiting for me. But there’s a few blogs I did check before I nuked the rest, so I thought it might be worth sharing them here for anyone thinking about reading more blogs.

I’ve got a few blogs with the fairly new label of ‘reboot’. I pulled these out from y general ‘edublogs’ folder as they often contain posts which put them at  the core of my reading in my recent rethinking about the kind of teacher I want to be.

I’ve also pulled a few out that are specifically related in history teaching, including

Most of the blogs I follow are what I generally call ‘edublogs’. Within there, there are usually a few that I’ll call in on on my way to the ‘mark all as read’ button, including

There’s a few general ones I follow as well, including

These days most of the new blogs I find come via Twitter, but having a space to extend the discussion beyond the 140 characher limit means it’s well worth following some. I use Google Reader, but there are a range of feed readers out there to use. I know Feedly is well regarded by many.

Are there any blogs that you make sure you always read? Share your suggestions below!

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