T&L lunchtimes

Talking to some colleagues at school recently we were reflecting how there were less opportunities than there had been in the past to get together with colleagues from across the school and share ideas around teaching and learning.

So, rather than cursing the darkness, I lit a candle! Having spoken to the Assistant Head we announced a weekly lunchtime drop in session in the school conference centre. It was inspired in part by the ‘TeachEat’ adaptations of the teachmeet format that are taking part in some schools – although we decided to make it even less formal than that at the moment.

We picked the first topic (starters) and sat back to wait to see what happened.

Some great ideas where shared. Thanks to a suggestion from another member of staff we created a Google Site where we’re putting the ideas each week. At the end of each session we pick a session for the following week and head off to start putting some the ideas in action.

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