P2PU Introduction

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be trying to firm up the plans for our Yr 7 ICT pilot next year that I’ve alluded to before.

One of the key components of that is the idea of using digital badges. One question we’re going to need to answer is whether the infrastructure that currently exists through the OpenBadges platform is a) ready and b) easy enough for us to use. I’m also keen to get as much experience as I can of other online sites offering assessment via open badges.

So, I’ve signed up for P2PU. As part of the #1 introduce yourself task I have to write a blog post (you’re reading it)

I need to introduce myself and include some interesting facts, but luckily much of that is already covered on my about me page!

Initial reactions?

I like the layout and the way tasks are structured. Not sure how accessible it is to some of our weaker students, but I can certainly some of our older students having little problem.

My other main thought – I know I only signed up to test the process, but there looks to be some really interesting stuff here. I suspect I’ll be sticking around and investigating more of these courses!

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