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I’m in the process of putting two new blogs together for school to drip feed out teaching ideas, one a week. The first of these will be on using ICT (the first article will go live tomorrow and I’ll put a link in then),and the second will be on ‘SMART’ learning (come back on Thursday and it’ll all be up and running!)

Knowing what I’m like when it comes to getting things done,  I’m trying to make sure I’m aways a few weeks ahead of myself when it comes to writing. So, planning for a future article, yesterday I tweeted:


Huge thanks to everyone that replied. As promised, here are the suggestions in full.


So that’s 5 for Delicious, 3 for Twitter, 2 for Google Reader and 1 a piece for Wordle, Toodledo, Rasterbator† and udltechtoolkit

Thanks to everyone who tweeted, several ideas for ‘tips’ emails right there. Any more suggestions? Leave ’em below!

4 thoughts on “Suggest a website

  1. At the risk of sounding the party-pooper, I actually wouldn’t start with Twitter. I think there’s a certain amount of “buy-in” that’s going to have to take place in order for folks to grasp the potential utility of Twitter, and I wonder if Twitter might be a bit intimidating, especially for folks who aren’t terribly tech-savvy.

    My vote goes to Wikispaces (or PBWiki, or Wetpaint) – I think any of the major wiki farms can be presented in such a way that even the least techie teachers can see themselves using it (which is different than “see the use in it”).

  2. I agree with Damian, Dave. Twitter’s not a quick win.

    I think you’re already aware of elearnr, my blog to support my work as E-Learning Staff Tutor. I reckon that the ones with the biggest impact have been Delicious and Glogster. You need something very easy to pick up and of immediate benefit – especially if your only way of demonstration is via a blog post! 🙂

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