7 offline ideas in 7 minutes

I caught up with Ian Addison’s presentation for TeachMeet Midlands on 7 ideas in 7 minutes on Saturday morning, and later on was intrieged by Tom Barret’s ideas that he should follow it up with 7 offline ideas.

I’ve been planning for this week’s ESTYN inspection all weekend, but couldn’t shake the idea and used it as a bit of a brain break now and again to scribble down some ideas. I threw a keynote together on Sunday, and I’ve recorded the audio now. It’s late, so there’s a few more ‘errrs’ and ‘ummms’ than I’d ideally like, but it should give you the idea. It’s actually 7:13, but I blame keynote for not having a timer!

So, for no particular reason at all, I’m pleased to present 7 offline ideas in 7 minutes (and 13 seconds!)

7 offline ideas in 7 minutes from Dave Stacey on Vimeo.


Ian Addison’s original presentation
My #TMCardiff presentation on using flipchart paper in the classroom (shortcut: http://is.gd/flipchart)

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