Ten things #4 – Make videos

The fourth idea I shared at my presentation from TMClevedon was to make videos.   It has never been easier to make videos and then get them online. I’m going to cover a few quick ideas. 1. Make videos of student work using something like Animoto as a way of showing off what students have produced […]

7 offline ideas in 7 minutes

I caught up with Ian Addison’s presentation for TeachMeet Midlands on 7 ideas in 7 minutes on Saturday morning, and later on was intrieged by Tom Barret’s ideas that he should follow it up with 7 offline ideas. I’ve been planning for this week’s ESTYN inspection all weekend, but couldn’t shake the idea and used […]

You Tube help

A quick question for you. We’ve been making growing use of videos posted to You Tube in classrooms, and many I’d like to share with students via our VLE (there’s far more good stuff out there than we’ve got time for). I’m wondering what the best way of going about this is… I don’t particularly […]