Ten things #9 – Project Based Learning

This is the ninth of ten posts that build on my talk at TMClevedon last month

I’ve written before about Project Based Learning and the lightbulb that went on in my head when I first read about it. Like any idea it’s easy to do badly, and as David Didau pointed out, we must ensure that genuine learning takes place here (certainly the effective size from Hattie’s study doesn’t look brilliant).

But I firmly believe that as the world changes, so must the structure of schools, and I’ll take this over hour long blocks of regurgitation any day.

Beware of anyone telling you project based learning is a panacea – it isn’t. Beware of anyone trying to sell you a PBL ‘solution’ – I don’t think one exists. But where PBL can be powerful is in it’s deployment of student interests, passions and interests to let them lead the learning and go beyond what you thought might have been possible. It may also prove to help secondary schools better build on the work done in primaries, rather than ignore it.

It’s a conversation, not a package, it’s a process rather than a checklist. But it’s one I really do suggest you invest some time in exploring.

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