Barriers to learning #2 – The year group

Just like the timetable, arranging students into groups based on when they were born makes sense from an organisational point of view. But not from a learning one. So, what are the alternatives? For some subjects, perhaps grouping by understanding / progress would be appropriate. I’ve heard arguments from both Maths and Science teachers against […]

Getting back on the horse. Again.

There have been a multitude of quotes coming through the ‘Greatest Quotes‘ twitter stream recently about doing rather than just planning. That, combined with the threat that the soon to be launched Addysg Cymru site which promised to pull posts from teaching blogs and provides links to them, is hopefully the kick up the backside […]

Purpos/ed – The story so far

I’ve glanced at a few of the purpos/ed posts as they’ve been coming out, but tonight I made a concerted effort to sit down and read through what had been said so far. I need to give it some time to process before I go back to my notes that I made before I started […]

Year 9 and the Alternative Vote

My year 9s were talking about voting today, as part of a unit on the development of democracy in Britain and they asked me about AV as it had been in the news quite a lot. To try and demonstrate, we had a quick election!   Part 1 3 students volunteered and had 30 seconds […]