7 offline ideas in 7 minutes

I caught up with Ian Addison’s presentation for TeachMeet Midlands on 7 ideas in 7 minutes on Saturday morning, and later on was intrieged by Tom Barret’s ideas that he should follow it up with 7 offline ideas. I’ve been planning for this week’s ESTYN inspection all weekend, but couldn’t shake the idea and used […]

My next big problem?

I’ve just been bookmarking a few links to diigo and delicious and written the following in the notes section about this post from Ewan: My next big problem (wrong word?) is how to do this kind of stuff inside a school that’s moving very slowly or not at all in this direction. I’m all for […]

…now attack it with scissors!

OK, so unlike the last one I didn’t *actually* say that, but I’m a sucker for a catchy title. Last time dear reader, you joined me as my year 12 students were hurling balls of paper across the room at each other all in the name of revision. I thought I’d finish the story of […]

…and now throw it across the classroom!

Quick twist on a old revision idea to share today. Yr 12 are prepping for their AS history exams in a couple of weeks and the key is both in selecting what areas to include in a question, and for potential A/B students getting the order and the links between the sections right. So student […]