Metacognition images

Looking for images on Flickr to use for my new metacognition posters, I came across these three images by Darren Kuropatwa that I thought were worth sharing. I’m likely to use these when talking about this concept with PGCE students and others. Click the images to take you to the relevant pages on Flickr.

Plenary questions

I want my students to get used to reflecting on their learning, so I’m going to produce a series of posters with key plenary questions on them which can go on display and I can regularly refer to. So far I’ve got: Three things you’ve learned this lesson What was the most effective way you […]

T&L lunchtimes

Talking to some colleagues at school recently we were reflecting how there were less opportunities than there had been in the past to get together with colleagues from across the school and share ideas around teaching and learning. So, rather than cursing the darkness, I lit a candle! Having spoken to the Assistant Head we […]

Forgetting my big idea (or How I made my GTA video)

I’ve traditionally been suspicious of any kind of programme linked to one specific platform. I had reservations about taking part in the NGfL Cymru Innovative Education Forum as it was a Microsoft only affair (but did it anyway!), but after hearing Ian Addison talk at at Teachmeet about the Google Teacher Academy I decided that […]