Happy New Year – Have some resources!

It’s about time I was blogging again. I’ve been updating various bits of software here and there, and remembered that none of the links on the resources page were working. I’ve moved all the materials that were there over to Google Drive, and re-linked the files. There’s a variety of stuff there, much of it […]

History Walk

As part of the school’s enrichment program we put together a History Walk for a group of yr 11 students. We walked them from school into town before they took a trip up the river for an organised tour and a visit to the two museums. I’ve included the notes that I put together for […]

Metacognition images

Looking for images on Flickr to use for my new metacognition posters, I came across these three images by Darren Kuropatwa that I thought were worth sharing. I’m likely to use these when talking about this concept with PGCE students and others. Click the images to take you to the relevant pages on Flickr.

Sociology resources

I don’t know if anyone reading this teaches AS Soclology, but in case you do, a couple of things I’ve produced this term that might be useful. They all relate to the AQA Spec and the topic has been Family. All files are Word Docs. Quick on the draw for Social Policy and the family […]

History Is…

I’ve always been keen on having lots of posters in my room, that relate specifically to what the students will study while they’re with me. I’ve just knocked up a few more on the idea of ‘History Is…’. So far there’s one each for Chronology, Significance, Sources, Interpretations, Sense of Period & Cause & Consequence. […]