I’m sure many of you are already familar with Wallwisher and the various alternatives. I’ve used it a couple of times last year, but the thing that really impressed me today was how quickly I was able to set one up.  In the middle of my year 12 lesson it became clear that it would […]

Getting organised

I am, as anyone who knows me will testify, not the most organised person in the world. In fact, if you need something losing or misplacing at short notice I’m probably the man you want to talk to. However, I’m trying really hard this year to stay on top of things. To try and sort […]

Getting back on the blogging horse

So I’ve been avoiding this blogging thing for a while, mainly due to a backlog of posts I want to get finished and up here. However, if I wait until they’re done I may not be blogging again for months, so I’m going to put them to one side, come back to them another day […]