What’s the point?

I’ve got several half finished blog posts on this theme, but on the day that the new white paper for Education in England is published, here’s my two pennies worth for now. It seems to me, sat at a slight distance that the major problem facing the English Education is that no one really knows […]


Bear with me on this one… If… Learning is self-driven, why am I trying to cram some into the gaps in a National Curriculum? If… Learners need time to engage with and immerse themselves in learning, why does a bell sound in my class after 60 minutes to move them on? If… Good relationships are […]

Google Apps tricks and tips

The following are a couple of tricks I’ve discovered in managing our Google Apps account. I’m blogging them here partly so I know I can find them next time I need them, and partly in case anyone else finds them useful. 1. Get a full userlist From: JLee posting at http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Apps/thread?tid=5a8c21e76144b065&hl=en It looks like, for […]