I have mostly been reading… (6)

A few things that stood out this evening when I reviewed the starred items in Feedly. The full list is at http://ihavemostlybeenreading.tumblr.com/. I just need to work out how to get StaffRm recommendations in there… Want to share knowledge organisers? Following some recent conversations about ‘knowledge organisers’, this post by James Theobald contains a link […]

If it were my home (day 4)

One of the ways I’m going to be able sustain this posting-every-day malarky is to have blog posts sharing links to online tools and resources that I either use myself, or have seen recommended. If it were my home comes via the excellent ‘Free Technology 4 Teachers’ blog maintained by Richard Byrne. The site allows […]

You can’t just put a badge on it. (Day 2)

For a while now I’ve been interested in the idea of using badges as an alternative assessment method. I mentioned it a few years ago as the possible basis of a different way of working for a Yr 7 IT curriculum (an idea that didn’t get implemented for a whole range of reasons I won’t […]

Back to the blog – Don’t break the chain

After the veritable splurge of blog posts that was February while I was involved in Tom Barrett’s #28daysofwriting, things have pretty much dried up around here again. Much of March was focused on trying to comment on other people’s blogs (something I’ve actually kept up better than blogging) but it would appear that without some […]