Mini Nick and Margaret

A quick add-on to yesterday’s post about timely interventions during student-led projects. It’s worth mentioning that some of my colleagues have been experimenting with what Paul Ginnis calls ‘observer servers’, but one what one of the SMART team christened ‘Mini-Nick and Margaret’ – students who leave their groups and whose job it is to go […]

The role of mentoring / coaching

Our year 7 SMART classes have just finished their very successful SMARTprentice project in which each form was split into two groups, and each of the 22 groups ran a small business for two weeks. All the profits will be donated to a charity of the groups choosing. I’ll come back and fill in some […]

You Tube help

A quick question for you. We’ve been making growing use of videos posted to You Tube in classrooms, and many I’d like to share with students via our VLE (there’s far more good stuff out there than we’ve got time for). I’m wondering what the best way of going about this is… I don’t particularly […]