A conversation with myself

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to make sense of a few ‘big issues’ around teaching, and my attitudes to it. Particularly issues around data, evaluation and how I know whether or not I’m doing ‘the right thing’. I’ve started and abandoned a series of posts on these issues, because they kept getting tangled up […]

Technoteach Bring and Brag – Swansea 21st June

This post was edited on 26.6 to add a video of the talk. I’m (hopefully) speaking tonight at the Teachmeet style ‘Bring and Brag’ in Swansea, part of the CasWales2012 Conference being held tomorrow. Im going to be talking about re-imagining ICT, a development of the previous posts from here and here. I’ll embed the […]

P2PU Introduction

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be trying to firm up the plans for our Yr 7 ICT pilot next year that I’ve alluded to before. One of the key components of that is the idea of using digital badges. One question we’re going to need to answer is whether the infrastructure […]

Blogging survey – my response

A number of education bloggers have been completing Alice Bell’s survey on edcation blogging. Here’s my responses.   Blog URL: blog.mrstacey.org.uk What do you blog about? Education related stuff Are you paid to blog? No. Nor would I want to be. This is just my thoughts, when they occur to me and I have time […]

Should we just say ‘well done’

I suspect that one of the changes in technique in recent years that has had the biggest impact on student achievement is a move away from ‘grading’ a piece of work to providing feedback – a key component of which is a target for how to improve. The adoption of this practice has (should have?) […]

Learning events in Wales in June

June looks really busy for some great learning events that are coming up. They’re all free to attend and many are variations on the Teachmeet format. If you’ve never been to one, Teachmeets are informal, for teachers, by teachers events where speakers sign up to speak for 7 or 2 minutes about something that’s worked […]