Things to try

Having written twice in the last few hours about a list of things to try this year, and knowing what my memory is like, I thought I ought to set one up. This page on my wiki will serve as a temporary dumping ground of things I would like to try, both general ideas and […]

8 Way Thinking

A great idea from Ian Gilbert via the Independent Thinking website. 8 Way thinking takes Gardner’s MIs and creates a thinking scaffolding based around: Numbers Words People Feelings Nature Actions Sounds Sights So, in the example quoted on the website, if the topic being studied was beer, students might come up with: How much beer […]

Creating facebook profiles

Followed a Tweet to this excellent blog post by Tomy Cassidy explaining his idea for getting students to create fake facebook profiles from everyone/thing from Lucifer to a chalk headline! This would work just as well for historical characters of course, which reminded me of a thread I had seen a while ago on the […]