Infographics – Assessment idea

One of the ideas I scribbled down at the start of the year for a project was infographics. Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. With an information graphic, computer scientists, mathematicians, […]

Mark all as read. Except…

As I mentioned the other day, I’d abandoned my feed reader to the marking mountain for a few weeks, so was forced to hit ‘mark all as read’ to real with the 1000+ posts waiting for me. But there’s a few blogs I did check before I nuked the rest, so I thought it might be worth […]

Schama on History (5 minutes with…)

Flicking through some links, I came across the ‘Five Minutes With…’ videos on the BBC website, including one with Simon Schamawho is one of my favourite ‘popularises of History’.Well worth a watch if you’ve got a spare 5 and a half minutes, not least for this wonderful quote which will be added to my wall […]

Where for art thou blogging?

This term has been nuts. Not other expression for it. With a review of marking policy at school the pressure to keep up to date with everything has meant most other things have been forced off the agenda. Blogging, Tweeting, keeping up with #addcym, it’s all been an enforced hiatus while any free time has […]