Weekly tips

From the ‘finally got round to it’ category comes this idea which has been on the cards since about this time last year in one form or another… As part of my job as SMART coordinator I need to keep staff up to speed on some of the activities we’re doing with year 7 to […]

Fantasy Inset

Following the rant in my last post, which seemed to cause a bit of a stir out on Twitter, there were some great ideas for sharing good practice bouncing around in the Edtechroundup meeting on Sunday night. The podcast will be out shortly and will be well worth listening to if you’ve got an interest […]

Advice to anyone delivering inset

Yesterday we had our second annual joint inset with our five link Primary schools. Last year’s was excellent, and we had high hopes for this one. There’s been loads of progress made on both the transition process, and understanding in both Key Stages about how the other works. Sadly, the speakers that had been brought […]

Following up on ‘suggesting a website’

Back in this post I reported on the feedback I’d had from my Twitter PLN on websites they would include in a weekly etips newsletter. Both Doug and Damian left excellent comments on the post, which I started replying to there. But the comment quickly grew so I thought I’d add it as a seperate […]

Suggest a website

I’m in the process of putting two new blogs together for school to drip feed out teaching ideas, one a week. The first of these will be on using ICT (the first article will go live tomorrow and I’ll put a link in then),and the second will be on ‘SMART’ learning (come back on Thursday […]

Giving sixth formers blue teeth

I’m always looking for ways to use existing / cheap tech in the classroom, rather than relying on expensive gadgets. In this case, my sixth form Critical Thinking class were doing a revision lesson on key terms. We drew up a list of terms on the board, they came up with a given definition on […]