Visiting 1780

I was looking for a new way of kicking off the year 12 AS British History course which I teach, when I remembered an interview I’d read somewhere, by someone, saying something about the 1780s (the start of the course). After some Googling [1. First time I’ve really had to think about what search terms […]

Databases starter

Kicking off the year 9 ICT scheme of work with databases, and I wanted a starter that didn’t involve people sat around answering quick fire questions. So, I created the following headers, each on an A4 sheet – ID No, first name, second name, favourite colour. I then printed 5 A4 sheets, one each with […]


I tried out some P4C (Philosophy for Children) last year and was very impressed with the response. I want to do it more widely and more regularly this year, but want to deal with a couple of niggles I had about how I did it last year. Luckly, I work with the wonderful Peter Llewellyn […]

Rebooting my teaching – index

My original plan had been to drip feed these posts out. Originally last week, then next. But who am I kidding? Something will happen and I’ll be sat here next week with them still in draft. So, they’re all out, and linked in below, as well as some other resources I’m building as I go. This post […]


A time for a quick blog facelift I think. WARNING. GEEKINESS FOLLOWS I’ve switched to the Fiver theme and unusually for me I’ve left it virtually as it came out of the box. The only thing I’ve changed is used this trick (scroll to post #5) to stop WordPress from showing the word ‘Pages’ if […]