Marking stickers

In our dept we’ve been looking at various ways of making peer and self assessment more meaningful and at the same time helping to speed up the time it takes us to mark students books at KS3. We’ve been experimenting with various forms of comment stickers, and I thought it would be useful to share […]

Reading for a purpose

I remember being impressed at a session at an SHP conference a while ago about getting A Level students to ‘read for a purpose’ and what an impact it made on their motivation, their learning and their recall. Recently I’ve been seeing for myself what an impact this can have across the year groups, so […]

All vote now…

A couple of quick body smart ideas when it comes to getting feedback on an issue after a debate or discussion with a class. They both use the principle of the students using their location in the classroom to show their opinions on a particular issue.Four corners Students move to one of the corners to […]

Barriers to learning #4 – Examinations

This is the final of four posts (for now) looking at various barriers to learning inherent in the current education system. Once upon a time, exams were like currency. They were a short hand for your ability, and they were used both by ‘centres of higher learning’ (as my old VC used to say) and […]