The importance of passion. #28daysofwriting

Image credit: Buzzword Bingo: Tick the Boxes byRon Mader. CC Licensed on Flickr I have a theory. Let’s call it Stacey’s Theory of Messing up a Good Idea #5 1. Somebody in a school comes across something that they believe will make an impact on their teaching. This may be from a course, or (increasingly) […]

Waving my magic wand #28daysofwriting

Image credit: Trekking the grass lands by David J. CC Licensed on Flickr. With Tom now living in Australia it was probably to be expected that many of the first #28daysofwriting blog posts I read were from Australian and New Zealand teachers who were starting their new academic year alongside their new calendar year. I […]

Thank you. #28daysofwriting

Image credit: Thank you by fefeio. CC Licensed on Flickr  There was an awards ceremony on in the background the other day, and at some point I started to wonder who I’d thank in the extremely unlikely event that I ever pick up some kind of award. [1. Actually, I did once pick up an […]

Half time reflections – #28daysofwriting

After a fairly successful first week in terms of keeping up with the target of writing for 28 minutes each day, this last week has been less successful. For various reasons I’ve chosen to prioritise other things over the writing. Some of these have been work related – wanting to get things done before the […]