You can’t just put a badge on it. (Day 2)

For a while now I’ve been interested in the idea of using badges as an alternative assessment method. I mentioned it a few years ago as the possible basis of a different way of working for a Yr 7 IT curriculum (an idea that didn’t get implemented for a whole range of reasons I won’t […]

Back to the blog – Don’t break the chain

After the veritable splurge of blog posts that was February while I was involved in Tom Barrett’s #28daysofwriting, things have pretty much dried up around here again. Much of March was focused on trying to comment on other people’s blogs (something I’ve actually kept up better than blogging) but it would appear that without some […]

Cross curricular serendipity

Image credit: Serendipity by Laura Dantonio. CC Licensed on Flickr. ***File this under ‘when I rule the world’ One of the problems in secondary schools is that it’s hard for teachers to know what’s going on in other departments. Without that knowledge, opportunities to link learning across subjects can be missed. It struck me that […]

Wot? No blog?

Despite signing up for the second 28daysofwriting month, March has been a bit of a bust. A combination of spending some more time with the family, generally feeling tired and trying to get a whole of work stuff sorted before the end of term has left me with little oomph for blogging. The month so […]

Reflecting on #28daysofwriting

Image credit: Reflection by Astrid Westvang. CC Licensed on Flickr. In the last 28 days I have added 25 new posts to this blog (including this one). In most cases, each took 28 minutes to write, proof read, grab an image for an post. By comparison, you’d have to go back to Dec 2012 to […]

Change to RSS Feed

I’m doing a bit of maintenance on blog, including sorting out several years worth of plugins! As part of that, I’m going to changing the RSS feed from Feedburner back to the native RSS feed from WordPress. As a result if you’re following this blog in your RSS reader you may need to head to […]